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Top Facts About Ottawa

Top Facts About Ottawa

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, has a lot to offer for tourists as its culture plays an important role and sets things going for good. Beyond culture, the architectural importance and other related aspects also come along the picture and form the scene for the better. Due to that, exploring top facts about Ottawa will surely give you an idea of what to expect from this particular place in the world. So without further ado, here are the top facts about Ottawa.

The Name

People have always wondered about the origin of the name “Ottawa” and what it signifies. Coming from the Algonquin word “adawe,” it tends to mean trade. Yes, that’s right. It implies the aspect of business and is one among the main reasons why Ottawa is considered an important center for business. With a name of this nature, the process becomes complete, and it’s the people who take things further.

Top Facts About Ottawa

The Capital of Canada

Ottawa became the capital of Canada in 1857. Queen Victoria of Britain chose Ottawa and went ahead to declare the same as the capital of Canada. Thanks to its cool temperate, Ottawa is also known as the seventh coldest capital in the world. Apart from that, Ottawa is widely known as one of the youngest cities in the world, with half its population being below the age of 35.

Museum and History

Every place has something or the other to do with history. Similarly, Ottawa has numerous insights about the same, and it all begins in the form of museums. The Capital of Canada has more than 14 museums, with the Canadian Museum of Civilization being the most visited and the most popular one.


While history plays an important role in the formation, culture does the job with survival and helps people blend along a period of time. Thanks to that, Ottawa’s culture has been one of major significance, and the Canadian Tulip Festival is a huge part of the same. It is held every May and is one of the most famous festivals in Ottawa.

A Multilingual CIty

Another vibrant aspect of Ottawa comes from the fact that it is a multilingual city. With only 50% speaking English, Ottawa makes matters meet with the rest of its population coming together to speak various languages. This unique aspect of Ottawa also makes it a place for all, and tourists will surely be able to make the most of the experience. So forget about everything and pack your bags to head for your next vacation.

With these facts giving you a clear idea of the city of Ottawa, it is up to you to explore the same to the fullest. So go ahead and make it all worth it.

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