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The Best Bars in Ottawa

The capital of Canada needs no introduction because the place has been an essential part of the country. Coming in with different kinds of aspects, it offers tourists a different experience that needs to be understood for the better. As a result, this experience also involves bars, and we are here to talk about it. With your vacation going on in full swing, you also need a pub or a bar where you can rest at the end of the day. So without further ado, here are the best bars in Ottawa.

The Moonroom

Evening cocktails and other related aspects cannot be found at a better place than The Moonroom. Located in the Italian neighbourhood, The Moonroom offers a warm experience that also moves ahead to be memorable. Its authentic menu, exciting ambiance, and other related features tend to complete the picture and take things to a whole new level. Due to all that, The Moonroom needs to be your first choice, and you will never regret the same.

The Hintonburg Public House

The Hintonburg Public House is another name that often gets added to this list. Coming equipped with the right blend of features and warm ambiance, the bar sets the stage on fire. With upbeat music choices, it keeps you going, and you will want to celebrate the night in style. Moreover, the rustic furniture is bound to help you make the most of it as you get used to a unique bar that you might not have witnessed before. So remember the name and go ahead to understand what it has to offer.

Chateau Lafayette

Chateau Lafayette is not just another bar that you come across in Ottawa. The place has its own significance, and thus its widely known as “Ottawa’s oldest tavern.” Unlike other new and established bars, Lafayette has been a part of the scene for a long time, and it dates back to 1849. The role that it played in the city’s history is remembered to this very day, and nobody tends to forget the same. Thanks to all that, you need to visit Chateau Lafayette and explore its features to the fullest.

Canal Ritz

Enjoying a drink amidst a breath-taking view is more or less like a dream come true. So if you want to experience that, you need to visit the Canal Ritz and understand all that it brings to the table. With a wide selection of Italian food, a long list of drinks, and other related aspects, canal Ritz makes matters head in the right direction and brings about a clear picture on the matter. Due to that, going ahead to explore its features will surely make your trip an exciting one.

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