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The Best Things to do in Ottawa

Ottawa has always been projected as a top tourist destination that offers the things that we need the most. Thanks to that, people rush to visit the Capital of Canada and try to understand all that it has to offer. So if you want to venture along a similar path, we have made a list that includes the best things to do in Ottawa. Hence, go ahead and read all about it.


Adventurous activities like hiking are always fun, and everyone loves to experience the same. With places like Gatineau in town, you can make the most of the experience and get things going for good. While Gatineau is not in Ottawa, it is located just across the river from Ottawa and will not be a burden when traveling. Due to that, you need to check it out and explore all that it has to offer because the experience is worth it.

The Best Things to do in Ottawa

Parliament Hill

Coming in with a unique aspect of significance and other related aspects, Parliament Hill is another place you need to explore in Ottawa. Apart from checking out the place and how tall it stands to be, you can also perform yoga. Yes, that’s right. There is a free yoga session that goes on and is sponsored by Canadian yoga brand Lululemon Athletica. So come forward and understand the importance of being healthy by performing yoga.

Whitewater Rafting

Rafting is another activity that many want to explore and understand. For this purpose, you need to pay a visit to the Ottawa River because it is known to be one among the best for whitewater rafting. With nearly three rafting companies nearby, you are bound to get all that you need and move ahead to understand things with ease. So step out of your comfort zone and stand up to the challenge of whitewater rafting.

Aviation and Space Museum

If you are into aircrafts and all that revolves around the same, you will fall in love with Aviation and Space Museum. It has about 130 aircrafts propellers and engines that move along with an elite list of military jets, helicopters, and also WWⅡ fighter biplanes. Due to that, visiting this particular museum is bound to get things going and help you explore the world of aviation.

John Ceprano Rocks

The unique and picturesque John Cerpano Rocks are one among the most underrated spots in the whole of Ottawa. As artist John Ceprano works on his display all throughout the month, you are bound to come across some classical designs and other related aspects that the place has to offer. So leave everything aside and move forward to understand the real talent of John Ceprano.

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